About the Duchateau family
The Duchateau family has always been passionate about the hospitality industry. Martin Duchateau graduated from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in 2022, and his sister Melanie in 2007, both co-founders, decided to open the Made in Louise in 2012. Mino Duchateau, the mother, was the interior architect and the father, Antoine Duchateau, the financial advisor. Together they created the Made in Louise, a 48 bedroom boutique hotel in the Louise area.

Since 2012, Martin & Melanie have been managing the hotel. Melanie left the adventure in 2008 to pursue her own professional objectives.

In 2020, the Duchateau family decided to buy the Hotel Welcome situated on the Place Saint-Catherine. Renovations of the hotel began in September 2022. Mino Duchateau is in charge of the design.

We created Made in Hotels to bring Made in Louise and Made in Kat together with the vision of expanding further in the future.

About Martin Duchateau, CEO of Made in Hotels.

Martin also has several consultancy projects in hotel opening, team training, and strategic planning. He teaches e-marketing and revenue management classes in two hotel schools in Belgium every year.

Martin started his career with Conrad International in Brussels (Hilton Hotels Corporation). Martin stayed five years with Conrad, first in his hometown in Brussels, and then he moved to Dublin, where he was in charge of the revenue management for two hotels. At the same time, he was appointed to specific missions in Asia to implement systems and deliver strategic solutions for the opening of hotels. Martin then moved to Berlin and worked for the headquarters of Design Hotels AG. He was in charge of 70 hotels. His task was to help the members optimize their overall revenue and strengthen relations with Design Hotels.

After ten years abroad, he returned to Brussels to work as a Director of Revenue for Radisson Blu.

In 2012, he left Radisson Blu to open the Made in Louise